Who would you cast?

So it looks like a LIVE ACTION Pinocchio is going to be a thing. And if this casting of Tom Hanks as Geppetto is real, how do you feel about it? Personally, I think it would be a great casting. It does make me wonder about the casting of the other characters though. For Pinocchio,... Continue Reading →

DAGONS that breath smoke!

I love this! Now I can officially turn my yard into the Game of Thrones world I always wanted. Seriously though, this decoration can take your Halloween party to the next level. Some assembly is required, but it appears that the product is worth the cost. The article linked says, “The animated dragon stands 69... Continue Reading →

Might have to try this…

Have you been able to find the new Cheetos MAC ‘N CHEESE on store shelves? They are apparently making their debut now. This big question is, are you going to try them for yourself? I wonder if we will notice a difference from the regular flavor and standard box macaroni & cheese. Check out the... Continue Reading →

These 3 raccoons might be some of the happiest I have seen, and they have launched a very successful career in art. As an artist, I am a little torn to find out that their pieces sell ranging from a $75 piece titled “Tiny Masterpiece” to a whopping $150 for a “Custom Masterpiece”. Read the... Continue Reading →

I am laughing so hard at number 5

Some took a pic of this dog from behind, and a bunch of other people went crazy with Photoshop.  Some are hilarious, and I won't be able to forget some of them.  Check out the full article on Bored Panda.  Link at the bottom. Someone Snaps A Photo Of An Absolute Unit Of A Dog,... Continue Reading →

Jason’s Top 5 Business Books

#1 - The E-Myth by Michael Gerber Click Here to Preview If you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur, then Michael Gerber's book The E-Myth is the number one place to start. The #1 topic of the book is The book talks about a lot of points that have helped me personally with Books & Brews... Continue Reading →

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