Evil Dead Movies Ranked

If you are looking at the Sam Raimi classic trilogy or the 2013 remake, the Evil Dead franchise is a major franchise in horror. The original turned the genera on its head by having the main protagonist be the goofy male played by Bruce Campbell rather than the tough Jock. One of the reasons this... Continue Reading →

Monet Paintings

The Art Institute of Chicago is currently having exhibition of works by Claude Monet. To find out more and to purchase tickets, click on the provided link. https://www.artic.edu/exhibitions/9036/monet-and-chicago?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=monet&utm_content=now-open-2-promoted&fbclid=IwAR0l5FU0Lyg-rZZsnSCos6Q0CBC1Aot7SpBBexbByF3p_hnL01EcofZrfz0 Otherwise, if you are unable to visit Chicago before the end of the show, here are some of my favorite Claude Monet works. Some works you may... Continue Reading →

Jamie Foxx’s Electro in the MCU

It looks like JK Simmons might not be the only actor returning to the Spider-Man series of movies. Jamie Foxx is talking with Marvel now for a return as Electro. We do not know how Foxx's character will appear in the new movie, or whether he will even be the same version of Electro that... Continue Reading →

Life-Sized Godzilla

This is AMAZING! At an upcoming Japan theme park, they will unveil a life-sized interactive statue of the giant movie monster. As a visitors, you will be able to zip line through the creature’s open mouth. It was to be open this past summer, but is now planning a 2021 opening. Find out more at... Continue Reading →

Monopoly Gets A Little More Villainous

You have to be pretty ruthless if you want to win at Monopoly, but Hasbro is helping us become our most evil selves with their latest release. Get ready for the devious Monopoly “Disney villains” edition. Rather than acquiring and selling real estate, players of this game must buy other villains' contracts to build a... Continue Reading →

Pretzels And Peanuts

The Hershey Company announced Tuesday a new addition to its Reese's product lineup. Very soon at a store near you, pick up some Reese's Big Cups with pretzels. The mix of sweet and salty has been a classic flavor combination for years, and this is the latest adventure for Hershey’s. "Let's face it, we're all... Continue Reading →

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