Kid Orders $100 Of McDonald’s

This 4-year-old boy from Brazil used his mom’s phone to buy himself $100 worth of McDonald’s. The best part is, mom was more impressed than angry. According to the boys mother, her son was left unattended only briefly after she returned from a doctor’s appointment and decided to have a shower. During that time, the... Continue Reading →

The World of Untitled Goose Game

One of my favorite games they came out a few years ago was Untitled Goose Game. It was funny, inventive, and gave you the ability to be an annoying goose. I definitely mean annoying because how many other games can you untie someone shoelaces, steal their favorite toy, have them by that toy back, all... Continue Reading →

Spider-man 3 get another familiar face

According to Geeks Worldwide, Alfred Molina is rumored to return as Doctor Octopus in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. According to the outlet's source, Molinarecently arrived on set to practice stunt choreography and has been shooting scenes for the film for the past few weeks. While this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt,... Continue Reading →

Clifford is getting a movie!

First, I am not talking about the delicious beer we have at Books&Brews. It looks like the classic children’s book series is getting its own movie set to come out late 2021. It is only the latest kids cartoon becoming a live action film, but it looks like the giant dog will be a CGI... Continue Reading →

David Bowie’s Face Hidden In Labyrinth

Even though Labyrinth isn’t really a horror film, it has some very creepy moments for a children’s movie. A lot of these moments are easy to spot, but some secrets blend into the landscape. A secret that has been hidden to most viewers is the mysterious background David Bowie faces throughout the film. Seven “Jareth”... Continue Reading →

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