Spider-man 3 get another familiar face

According to Geeks Worldwide, Alfred Molina is rumored to return as Doctor Octopus in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. According to the outlet's source, Molinarecently arrived on set to practice stunt choreography and has been shooting scenes for the film for the past few weeks. While this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt,... Continue Reading →

Clifford is getting a movie!

First, I am not talking about the delicious beer we have at Books&Brews. It looks like the classic children’s book series is getting its own movie set to come out late 2021. It is only the latest kids cartoon becoming a live action film, but it looks like the giant dog will be a CGI... Continue Reading →

David Bowie’s Face Hidden In Labyrinth

Even though Labyrinth isn’t really a horror film, it has some very creepy moments for a children’s movie. A lot of these moments are easy to spot, but some secrets blend into the landscape. A secret that has been hidden to most viewers is the mysterious background David Bowie faces throughout the film. Seven “Jareth”... Continue Reading →

The Royal Christmas Pudding Recipe

Around the holidays, I would usually end up watching some version of The Christmas Carol and be perplexed by the “Christmas Pudding” being made by the Cratchit family. Most in my region think of a start thicken sweet custard as a pudding, but other parts of the world have a different idea. Christmas pudding is... Continue Reading →

The Undertaker Turns 30

Going back to an era where WWE had a more cartoonish feel, the Undertake debuted to a roaring crowd at the 1990 Survival Series. He was vibrantly colourful with his wrestling attires. He was a character you would never expect in the “Attitude Era” but he would last more than 30 years in the ever... Continue Reading →

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