B&B’s Poetry Series: My Body Is A Museum

We will start this week off with our poetry series. This week’s theme is My Body Is A Museum. We have selections from myself and Matt. If you would like to submit your poem for next week’s round of poems, you can email me at faren@booksnbrews!

Next week’s theme is: The Problem With Poetry

Onward to our poems for this week!


Anxiety: The Statue by Faren Coday

There is a statue
in a museum
that stands
and weeps
people always
and stare, but never
stay long.
People look past
the veins in her eyes,
but press their thumbs
to the creases in
their lips
as if they are
studying her.

She lives in
the wind that their

Their words
so big,
so important
occupy the space
as if it were a liquid
turning into a solid
as if it were
a production
of goddamn
Cirque Du Soleil,
whispers tumbling
the brim of her hat,
never touching her

Sticks and stones
can’t break
her bones,
she is elastic

No wait.

She is frozen
like ice,
she is stationary
a painting
what happens when
intoxicating energy
turns into
painful anxiety.

She is beauty
like a statue
in a museum.

Attraction by Matt Louden

Decades of dust can’t hide
scars and mistakes
when they’re trapped
behind glass.
The world sees
and judges.
Too sad to look away,
people stop and stare
for a moment
before turning the other way.
Before moving on to something
more intricate.
More beautiful.

A body enslaved by history
that repeats itself.
The kind that breaks bones,
and wears down the soles of
A museum that manacles
and arrests hope.
Salivating at the prospect of pain
and one more day of
public display.
Deafening silence
behind the glass
suspends nerves and veins.
Constricting freedom
and trust
like cold, iron chains.

slipping through the grasp
of life’s razor-sharp fingers.
Held back by fear,
invisible to the fiery glow
of love’s heat.
I’m beginning to think
the cost of my ticket
Isn’t worth the price of admission.

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