Justin’s Tips & Tricks for Drinking Beer on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.
To me, it is not only about giving thanks and spending time with family and friends, it is a holiday devoted to quality cooking.  And where there is quality food, there better be quality beer.  I have very fond memories about working hard in the kitchen to make sure everything was ready in time for the big feast.  Then, I would celebrate my accomplishment with the meal and a malty brew.
Thanksgiving can seem like the longest day of the year.  Family traditions can last from early morning with the Macy’s parade to late night with family games.  Sometimes it means multiple meals with multiple families.  No matter the situation, drinking helps.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help get through the holidays.
Tip 1: If you are going to do a lot of traveling this holiday, drink light and in moderation.  This is a holiday that can get out of hand.  Having a few beers with lunch and a few while watching football can quickly lead to being drunk at 2pm.  There are laws to follow, and they are there for a reason.  The main goal is to stay safe.  People think they have their tricks to sober up, but it doesn’t matter how many potatoes you eat.  Soaking up does not mean sober.
Trick 1: Drinking light doesn’t mean sticking to domestics.  There are plenty of flavorful light or session-able beers to choose from.  Take for instance our Books & Brews beer, Cream & Punishment. It is a cream ale that comes in at 4.8% ABV.
Tip 2: Bring your own beer (BYOB), or have plenty of good beer if you are staying home this year.  This doesn’t mean don’t share and to only drink from your stack.  This is a holiday about giving so make sure you give others the love for craft beer.  Try something new, and make the brew a quality conversation starter for those awkward silences.  Plus, it is just good etiquette to bring something to a party.
Trick 2: When bringing beer, bring growlers.  Growlers are usually affordably priced, and it is easy to divide up among multiple interested drinkers.  I know i would feel more uncomfortable dividing a 6-pack between 8 people than I would a 64 ounce growler.
Tip 3: There are a lot of flavors happening on Thanksgiving.  It’s best to not overwhelm your palate early with IPAs and high ABVs.  Stick with the maltier options.  Right now, you can grab 6-packs of our Winnie The Brew Honey Brown Ale at any of our Books & Brews locations.  The nutty and caramel notes from the malt profile complement the starches, sweeter veggies, and subtler flavors of the Thanksgiving turkey.  Compare that to the citrus and grassy notes that you regularly get from higher hopped ales.  Flavor profiles in malty beers just pair better with many of Thanksgiving’s signature dishes.
Trick 3: My personal strategy is to start the day off light with a cream ale, then I will have a Belgian or amber ale with the meal, and finish with stronger flavors like stouts or porters with desserts.  This way, my palate stays strong throughout the day. If you just need that imperial IPA, make sure it is later in the day.

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