Top 15 Hottest Women in Video Games

So before anyone gets up in arms because I only had 10 spots for my Top 10 Hottest Guys in Video Games (shameless plug to said blog post) let me just say that I couldn’t really choose between certain characters on the list and when one of coworkers said “You could just make it a list of 15 or 20,” I realized that, yes I could actually do that and decided I would.

Without further preface, here’s the top 15 hottest women in video games (based solely on my opinion).

15. Princess Rosalina Mario franchise


14. Princess Daphne Dragon’s Lair

Princess Daphne

13. Jack Mass Effect franchise


12. Elena Fisher Uncharted franchise


11. Alice Liddell American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland


10. Elizabeth Comstock Bioshock franchise

Elizabeth Comstock

9. Posion Street Fighter franchise


8. Bayonetta Bayonetta franchise


7. Shaundi Saint’s Row franchise


6. Trish Devil May Cry franchise


5. Evie Frye Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate 

Evie Frye.jpg

4. Lara Croft


3. Isabella Dragon Age series


2. Claire Redfield Resident Evil franchise

Claire Redfield.png

1. Rayne BloodRayne franchise


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