If The Crew I Work With At Books & Brews Were Dogs

This all started because I asked what kind of dog I was while sitting at the bar at the Zionsville Books & Brews. The resulting conversation led to me writing this post about if the people I’ve worked with at Books & Brews were dogs. There will be no explanation as to why I chose the breed for this particular person, just enjoy the ride.

Faren – Shiba Inu

Faren the Shiba Inu

Jason – Boxer

Jason the Boxer

Amanda – Bernese Mountain Dog

Amanda the Bernese Mountain Dog

Justin – Afghan Hound

Justin the Afghan Hound

Brandon – Great Pyrenees

Brandon the Great Pyrenees

Rob – Rottweiler

Rob the Rottweiler

Ronnie – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Ronnie the Cavalier King Charles

Nathan – Border Collie

Nathan as a Border Collie

Dixie – Siberian Husky

Dixie the Siberian Huskey

Chelsea – Australian Cattle Dog

Chelsea as an Australian Cattle Dog

Trevor – Golden Retriever

Trevor the Golden Retriever

Bryan – Puggle

Bryan the Puggle.jpg

Ken – Akita

Ken the Akita.jpg

Berto – Moon Moon

Berto is Moon Moon

Tammy – CorgiTammy the Corgi

Zach- Otterhound

Zach the Otterhound.jpg

Ally (Me)- Bichon Freise

Ally the Bichon Frise

I hope you enjoyed looking at all of these cute dogs that represent my crew at Books & Brews. I hope you have a great holiday and if you have a dog at home (or cat or any animal really) make sure to give it some extra love and care today!

I’d also like to add that this post, and its writer, encourages people to adopt from their local animal shelter or humane society. There are plenty of amazing dogs and cats in the world who need loving homes and while you might not find a pure-bred at your local shelter, you will find a best furry friend that will love you with all its heart. So during this holiday season, if you’re thinking about bringing a new fuzzy friend into your home, take a look in your local shelters, and check out petfinder.com to find the perfect pet for you. That’s how we found my adorable puppy, Clifford, pictured with me below.

Ally and Clifford.jpg

From all of us at the blog and from Clifford and I:

Have a safe start to the new year!

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