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Welcome back to News and Reviews everybody! Today we’re talking about a classic novel that I think everyone should read. That specific classic is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, none other than the queen of mystery herself. You think your quarantine is bad, try being stuck on an island with ten accused killers. Not bad enough yet? Well now everyone is starting to start dropping dead, and no, it’s not from a virus. As you read you’ll wonder if you’re really rooting for any of these characters to actually survive the story. Do you really want the pretty and young Vera Claythorne to survive after being accused of killing the child in her care? Or what about the clever, but troubled Dr. Armstrong after he mistakenly killed a woman on the operating table because of his drinking? The twists and turns in the story leave the reader constantly wondering who is going to die next and who exactly is the killer? You’ll never see the ending coming, and I’m not telling you the ending so you’re just going to have to read the novel and find out for yourself. Just a warning though, the original title of the book was Ten Little Indians, based off of the poem the story follows. So yes, if you’re not a fan of historically accurate treatment of various nationalities from the 1930s, then this book might not be for you. Not up for reading a novel? Then you could try watching the mini series on Amazon Prime (with a few liberties taken for dramatic reasons). Are you a bigger fan of a ski resort vacation than a British Island getaway? You could try watching the Ten Little Indians movie from 1965 on Amazon prime. Or during these troubled times where things seem rather bleak and depressing enough as it is, maybe you want something with a happy ending. Good news, you can watch And Then There Were None from 1945 for free on youtube. As this was released shortly after the end of World War two, most people in the world didn’t want to see a movie where there was no hope, and everyone was beyond redemption, so the directors and producers took more than a few creative liberties from the source material, but I honestly think that this particular movie is just as good as the book itself. However if you’ve just finished up watching Tiger King on Netflix and are in the mood for an African Safari murder mystery with style, well the 1989 Ten Little Indians movie is available on Amazon Prime with subscription. There’s so many versions of this amazing story out there, so whether you’re a bookworm looking for your next book fix, or you’re a fan of black and white movies then the many variations of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None are perfect for you.

P.S. If that’s still not enough for you there’s also a video game version available on for PC and Nintendo Wii owners.

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