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Hello and welcome back to News and Reviews! In anticipation of the freedom that should theoretically be coming on Friday (and hopefully Broadway reopening not too long after that) my recommendation for today comes straight from England’s own history remix. I’m talking about the new hit musical Six. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on loop for days now and I can honestly say that this is in my top three best musicals of all time (right after Wicked and Hamilton) and that’s based solely off of the soundtrack! I haven’t even gotten to see the musical live and in person yet, but you best believe that as soon as quarantine is over with and if I can get to New York when Broadway reopens then I am going to be seeing Six immediately. If you’re a fan of historical dramas and musicals such as Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton or Terrence McNally and Lynn Ahrens Anastasia then this musical about Henry the eighth’s six ex-wives (hence the title Six) is right up your alley (pun fully intended and I have zero regrets about that). The songs have a fun pop twist to most of them with a little hip-hop thrown in as well. Songs you can sing and dance to even if you’re not a fan of musical theater. My personal favorites are the songs “Don’t Lose Ur Head”, “Get Down”, and “All You Wanna Do”, however every single song is absolutely perfect for the specific wife singing them (“Don’t Lose Ur Head” is Anne Boleyn’s song and it’s just so awesome). There are specific lyrics that just stick out in my mind because of how memorable they are. Like “try these heels so high it’s naughty, but we cannot guarantee that you’ll stick walk at forty” or “You bring the corsets we’ll bring the cinches, no one wants a waist over nine inches, all of the makeup contains lead poison, at least your complexion will bring all the boys in” both from the song “House of Holbein”. If you wanna see the songs being performed by the amazing actresses and singers working on the production then I suggest heading on over to youtube and searching “slime tutorials Six” and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. There’s even some fantastic animations done of some of the performances by fans. My favorite fan animatic (as these animations are called on youtube) has got to be AYGEE Art’s All You Wanna Do. Her art style is fantastic and the images she has created go perfectly with the tone of the song. There’s so much amazing art out there too, done by fans who have seen and loved the show. This musical has given me something to really look forward to after we have dealt with the virus. Having plans for the future (even if they are subject to changes made to help eliminate the virus as quickly as possible) has really helped me stay sane throughout the long process of quarantine and this musical has definitely helped me maintain my sanity while spending so much time with my family (no offense guys, I love you!). So go on ahead and check out Six. I know you’ll love it!

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