@thecornerdeiner Inaugural Post

Hello all my Books & Brews brethren. If you haven’t met me before, my name is Nathan Deinlein, and I am a shift lead at the Zville Books & Brews. This little corner of the blog is where Jason turned me loose to write about… things. So here we are. This blog is going to be a collection of all the random things that interest me. So please join me on the way as we do a little trivia, a little cooking, a little gaming, a lot of drinking, and who knows what else. I will do my best to get us through the Covid-apacolypse. Or at least mildly entertained. So tomorrow join me for some alcoholic cooking advice and we will make some really tasty stuff. And please feel free to leave me comments. Let me know if there is anything you want me to cover or suggestions you have.

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