Cooking Class @thecornerdeiner 4/28/20

What would a diner be without food? Answer: a lot skinnier. I am going to put this disclaimer out there once. I am not a professional chef. I mean I am, from the fact that you all used to pay me to cook things for you at Books & Brews. But what I am saying is I am not some 5 star chef that is going to dole out award winning recipes or anything like that. If you want advice like that you can hit up my friend Kenny. I am more that mad scientist in the kitchen.

During the lock down, I have been trying to improve myself in a lot of ways. One way has been trying to expand my cooking range. So today we are going to make steak. The recipe we are going to go through requires just four ingredients. Montreal Steak Seasoning, a steak (I normally like a sirloin), bourbon (your choice), and maple syrup (stick with me, my story gets better). Let’s begin.

First take your steak and stab it like you are Norman Bates. Real chefs might condemn me for this, but it always seems to help the flavor I am going for penetrate into the meat.

Once this is done, use the Montreal Steak Seasoning as a dry rub. Really cover the steak on both sides like what happens to your feet on the beach you can’t go to right now when you get out of the water.

Next you will need a gallon sized Ziplock bag. Throw that steak in there with about 3 fingers of your favorite bourbon. Don’t forget to pour yourself a drink while doing this (VIS – Very Important Step). And add in about a table spoon of Maple Syrup. Seal the bag up, forcing as much air out as you can while getting the liquid mixture to squeeze itself against the steak.

Now here is where we are going to have a little bit of a split in directions. Cooking Method.

Sous Vide Method
Personally this is my current favorite method. If you don’t know what a Sous Vide is, here is a link. Basically it is the ultimate kitchen tool for someone who works too much for their own good, or is new to cooking. I actually linked the one I have at home and the thing makes probably about 60% of my meals involving some sort of meat. If you are going this route simply select how well done you want your steak, any answer more than medium rare is unacceptable, and throw the bag in to your container of water. When you pull the steak out and go to pan sear it, I personally have a mixture of Jameson and bacon grease that I use for all my steak searing. Then enjoy your steak with whatever else you cooked for dinner.

Grill Method
If you are going the classic route because you like that seared meat smell in the morning, good for you. I love nothing more than to grill out with some friends and impress them with my cooking. Or at least have them lie to me about how good my cooking is. I have good friends. Anyway, if you are going this route, I typically do not like to let any steak I cook marinate for less than 5 hours. This might sound extreme, but it really lets all the flavors get into the meat. When you pull out your steak and throw it on the grill make sure that you are keeping an eye on it. The last thing you want is to let good steak become shoe leather. I personally recommend using a meat thermometer, but if you are an expert you can use your own method. If you don’t know because you are a novice, check out this video from the Art of Manliness.

So here is the real fun part of this blog. Experiment time. The recipe that I just gave, I cobbled together in about 15 seconds last week because I was bored. But it worked because I try to follow one rule in my cooking. Balance. When I cook, I always try to balance sweet and spicy, bland and bold. This steak worked out well, at least by my standards, because we balanced the spicy of the Montreal with the sweet of the bourbon and maple syrup. So here is what I want you, the reader, to do. Go out and try a recipe this week that you haven’t tried before. Leave me a comment down below on how it worked or didn’t work. And if you have a really good one you want to share feel free to post it as well.

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