Whatever Wednesday @thecornerdeiner 4/29/20

I have a format for the blog for the foreseeable future. The schedule will follow this basic format until I am sick of it, or I run out of things to write about. So here you are. The new format.

Motivational Monday – Things to get you motivated for the week. Self help. Resources to learn something new. Or just cool things to keep you alive during the forthcoming work week.
Trivia Tuesday – I am the trivia writer for Zville. So I will be posting some trivia for you to have fun with. Next week will start with Star Wars trivia.
Whatever Wednesday – News, game reviews, or whatever else I think to talk about.
Theatre Thursday – All the movies, shows, and musicals you possibly never knew you needed in your life.
For the Love of God it’s Friday – Our time to kick back relax and get some tips for relaxing, food, or drink mixes from my alcoholic expertise.

And now on with the blog.

Why you should give Pokemon GO well… another go. Cue the music!!!!!

So to begin, we need to go back about 900 years, to my childhood. In 1998, Nintendo launched the first Pokemon games, Red and Blue. These were the first ever RPG’s I ever got to play. To the point that, I didn’t learn what an RPG was until someone finally got me to play Final Fantasy. Roll playing games or RPG’s, for those that may not know, involve taking on the role of a character. In a sense you make all the decisions about how the character acts and grows. Pokemon had a really clever story to it. Instead of you collecting people to fight against a big bad, it immersed you into a world where you got to collect pets, and what kid doesn’t want that, and compete against all your friends. I don’t want to state how many times I played through my Red version, but let’s just say it was well played until I passed it onto the ring bearer at my brothers wedding.


Fast forward to 2016 and a nobody company releases a game called Pokemon GO. If you don’t remember playing it that summer, you at least probably remember all the news stories. It was the fad of the summer and everyone was playing. And then people started being stupid. Reports of people driving and playing, trespassing, getting hit by cars. Basically the normal fad people who ruin everything got involved (I still haven’t forgiven you jerks for ruining Minecraft), and from there the game’s popularity tanked. But it’s been four years. What has happened since then? Why should I play now? Why are you asking all these rhetorical questions?

Well for starters, let’s look at what the game originally had going for it. It rewarded you for going out and walking, in the real world. And they said video games make you fat. Second, the game has a bunch of information you probably didn’t know about your home town or wherever you were visiting. For instance there is a poke-stop in the Zville Books & Brews. Each stop lists cool little facts about the landmarks they are placed on. So as a former teacher, points to you Pokemon Go for teaching people history things right under their noses. And as with the original games from my childhood, you get to collect your pets and battle together with them, but in your home town, not just some fictional world.

Awkward Pokemon GO screen shots are always fun too

The next reason you should rejoin the ranks is because they have upgraded a lot of stuff since you probably last played. You can now catch shiny Pokemon and trade with your friends for the chance at getting a lucky Pokemon. You can now battle your friends (just like in the old days), and as a bonus, beat up Team Rocket. You remember them. The bullies of the Pokemon world. Well who’s the bully now Andrew, huh? Sorry, childhood flashbacks. They built a quest system into the game to really make you feel like you are in the Game Boy games again. Plus, they have added later generations of Pokemon to the ranks for you to catch. And this really gets to the heart of why the game is worth a play. This isn’t a game you can just buy your way to success, cough* Battlefront II cough*. And you don’t even have to be a serious gamer to play. In this game you choose what is most important to you. Is it winning with your favorites from your childhood? If it is, bring it, my Gengar will end you and you will never tell me otherwise. Or is it learning about all the new species? Trying to complete your Pokedex? Meeting new people at the communal sites set up by the game? (Please maintain social distancing at these locations while plague lasts) Or do you just need something to do while you are out getting your exercise? The choice is completely up to you. You can be as serious or as casual as you want about it, and it won’t matter. So give it a try, and when this all blows over feel free to come trade me something at the store.

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