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First off, I have some exciting news. Remember those trivia questions from Tuesday? How many did you get? Would you like some free stuff just for answering them? If you answered yes to at least the last one. Here is the deal. If you take your answers to Ben at the Zionsville Books and Brews tomorrow, Saturday the 9th. He will be giving out 4, yes I said 4, $6 vouchers to people who bring him the right answer. That happens to be the exact amount needed to buy a $6 growler fill. You don’t even have to be the first customer. Just bring your answers and your growler to him and you could be one of the lucky four people to get a $6 voucher. Good luck and may the force be with you.

Second bit of exciting news. Jason approved a Books & Brews 5k run when the madness is all over. We are still in early stages of planning but the goal will probably be to have multiple since not all Books & Brews people go to the same store. So do me a favor, if you would like to participate in a run where you will probably get a cool shirt and a beer, and you want your Books & Brews to be the finish line for one of these races. Put your store name in the comments.

The Cantina

I promise you all I am not an alcoholic. I’m just an enabler. Today I have two drink recommendations for you and then a suggested list. First, the list. Many people have asked me what is the correct viewing order for the Star Wars movies. Traditionalists typically go with 4,5,6,1,2,3. People my age typically will agree or suggest chronological order. 1,2,3,4,5,6. But what is the best order to watch them in if you have never seen Star Wars, or if you have watched them a million times. Here is my suggested list for a Star Wars binge.

  1. Rogue One – Start the story off where it began a group of Rebels out to overthrow the empire.
  2. A New Hope – Or as it was originally called STAR WARS. This movie flows immediately from Rogue One, and as Rogue One doesn’t have a proper number, you can treat them as one long movie.
  3. The Empire Strikes Back – Argued as the greatest of the original trilogy, I see no reason to break the timeline. Until you get to the Vader reveal. If you have never watched them before, this is a biggie and will leave you with lots of questions. So while Luke and the gang recover. We are going on a trip down memory lane.
  4. The Phantom Menace – There will be plenty of arguments on including this one or skipping it I’m sure, or including the prequel trilogy at all. Here the facts though. If you watch this trilogy and ignore Jar Jar and the horrible excuse for a relationship Anakin has, the prequel trilogy is actually really good. It actually does make a compelling argument overall for why the Jedi go away and no one misses them, and why the galaxy allowed the empire. So by all means fast forward through every Jar Jar scene in the movie. BUT DO NOT SKIP POD RACING OR THE DUEL OF FATES SCENES.
  5. Attack of the Clones – Again by all means skip every scene that involves just Anakin and Padme. But the story of the creation of the clones for the clone wars and that story, that is awesome. Great action scenes at the end, and you get to finally know why when Old Ben admits to being in the Clone Wars, Luke was like, “S***, this guy is a Bad A**.”
  6. Revenge of the Sith – This is arguably the last great thing George Lucas ever created. The fight scenes are amazing. The fall of the Jedi, spoiler I guess, is heartbreaking, or joyous. Depends on if you are an Empire man or not. And the surprise at the end is spectacular. Oh also you now know something about Luke that he doesn’t. Let’s see how this dramatic irony plays out in…
  7. Return of the Jedi – Back on the main story we have the conclusion of the saga. Amazing space battles and vicious lightsaber duels before the Emperor. What a finale.
  8. The Mandalorian – Ha, you thought I was done. Nope go watch this mini-series. It gave me hope after Rogue One that not all of Star Wars would be ruined forever. It was good. Plus Mando’s are literally the coolest thing ever. Who doesn’t need more of them in their life.
  9. Turn off your TV. Is it off. Okay, go put in your collection of John William’s Star Wars music an open to page 1 of Heir to the Empire. You are going to sit there until you have read all of Timothy Zahn’s legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn Trilogy. When you are done with it. Close the Book. Accept in your heart of hearts that you were right to accept this as episodes 7-9. And never, ever let anyone persuade you that they made movie versions of 7-9. They don’t exist. They can’t hurt you.

Now on to alcohol to drink while watching your list from up above.

The Baby Yoda

You know you want to snuggle it.

This one is pretty easy to make. And if you need the ears you can put mint leaves in the scoop to give the proper effect.

Chocolate syrup
Vanilla Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Fill bottom of clear tumbler glass with Chocolate syrup
Mix about 4oz of Kahlua with about 2 scoops of Ice Cream (adjust this based on your scoop size, desired consistency, and alcohol tolerance) in blender
Pour Kahlua shake over Chocolate Syrup
Serve topped with a rounded scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The Vader

This one is designed to keep you alive and going late into the night. To be honest I found this one on A Year of But I redid it because I wanted a little more dark side power.

Can of Monster Energy
Peach Schnapps
Red Poweraid
Spiced Rum

Add 2oz of Rum, Peach Schnapps, and Grenadine to a glass.
Then add 5oz of Monster and 3oz of Red Poweraid to the glass.
Stir together.

If you aren’t used to drinking energy drinks or have a heart condition I suggest swapping the Monster for Sprite.

Enjoy the drinks my friends, hope you get one of the free vouchers tomorrow, and see you next week.

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