Trivia Tuesday @thecornerdeiner 5/19/20

Welcome back to your weekly pub quiz. Today we test your beer knowledge. How much do you pay attention when the bartender speaks? Which leads us to Ben and my favorite trivia, pun trivia. Enjoy.

Beers of the World

  1. This is named for a festival in Germany.
  2. This beer type is named for its use of twice the number of preserving agent in beer, hops.
  3. A beir de garde must be made in the border region between which two countries.
  4. This group of people was known for making some of the best beers of medieval Europe.
  5. Guinness is this type of beer.
  6. This is the Champagne of beers.
  7. Name of beer city USA?
  8. This single star beer is a Belgian lager.
  9. This, sadly, is the most popular beer in the states.
  10. What is ABV?
  11. What is the ABV of the strongest beer in the world?
  12. Which city pays alcoholic residents in beer to clean its streets?


All these answers when you say them will have Pair in them.

  1. A short story used to teach a lesson.
  2. A type of bird.
  3. How something looks.
  4. A delicious fruit.
  5. A nanny from another country.
  6. A flower that comes up every year.
  7. A person who raises children.
  8. An extra.
  9. Stole Helen of Troy.
  10. A type of doctor.
  11. Unnatural phenomenon.
  12. Saved through mercy.

Answer key

Beers of the World
1. October Fest
2. India Pale Ale
3. Belgium and France
4. Monks
5. Irish Stout or Stout
6. Miller High Life, Also would accept Kolch as a beer type.
7. Grand Rapids, MI
8. Heineken
9. Bud Light
10. Alcohol by volume
11. 67.5% (Snake Venom. It’s Scottish)
12. Amsterdam

1. A parable
2. A sparrow, parrot, parakeet
3. Appearance
4. A Pear
5. Au Pair
6. A Perennial
7. A Parent
8. A spare
9. Paris
10. Paramedic, periodontist
11. Paranormal
12. Spared

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