For the Love of God it’s Friday @thecornerdeiner 5/29/20

A Smooth Start to the Weekend

Everyone needs time to relax and unwind. Some do it by running, some by reading, some by playing games. But others, others get their chill on by listening to some great music. For my money there are a few great genres to pick from if you want to get your chill on. But nothing really quite makes me feel as classy as some great Blues. That sexy sax, that soothing bass, the melodic Piano, that sighing horn, and those soul gripping vocals. If all of this sounds like something you have been missing in your life for so long. Allow me to quench this thirst. Might I be so kind as to introduce you to an little know master of Blues Hugh Laurie. Yes, that Hugh Laurie.

lieutenant hughes | Tumblr

Best known by Americans for his work as the titular character in House, and by Brits for his work in Black Adder, Hugh Laurie has a Blues band. Who knew? Well I mean lots of people but, never mind. Okay TV star has a band. Cool. Guessing it probably isn’t any good. Well true, I mean we all remember Paris Hilton trying to be a singer, or have given ourselves amnesia to try to forget that traumatic incident. But take a listen and let me know what you think.

Wow, it’s really good. But so what? Hugh Laurie isn’t actually singing that. Dude has a think English Accent. So he’s probably just in the back playing a tambourine or something simple, slapped his name on it to make some extra bucks. Bill O’Reilly and George R.R. Martin do it all the time with books. Well reader, just start spreading the ketchup on your food now. It will be in your mouth in moments.

Let me know when you do manage to get your foot out of your mouth. I imagine it is rather far down there. Yeah that is Hugh delivering that amazing piano and vocal performance. Sounds like he was born and raised in New Orleans. After listening to this about a million times, because I had known he had a band for a while but didnt realize it was that amazing, I delved down his entire discography. Most of it is on spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited. I just sat there. I will fully admit it might be the only thing keeping me sane after this week. It’s all soo good. The vocals, the blues feel, the instrumentals, and tone. The band nails them all. I have yet to find a song that I didn’t like. And it should be that good. He collaborates with some great Blues artists like Irma Thomas and Dr. John. So look. If you aren’t lulled into some sort of calm by the soothing voice of House’s New Orleanian cousin, you have no soul. Give it a try. And let me know in the comments if you find any other major celebrities that we didn’t know had worthwhile song careers. Love of God do not send me William Shatner’s stuff. Enjoy everyone and have a great weekend.

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