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12 Hour Tacos

Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Tacos - Cooking Classy

“Deiner, you literally said when you were switching to food for Mondays, no crazy over the top searching the Amazon River for ingredients crap. You said real meals for real people that have jobs other than cooking. I don’t have 12 hours to make Taco’s. That is what Qdoba is for.”

Well, if you will give me a second, I will explain this brilliant deception. We all want to have people over for food and be able to tell them we cooked something insanely fancy for them. But who has the time for that. Also we would all prefer to not be left homeless after financing said dinner. So here I introduce you to one of the most versatile meal preps you can do. Yes this takes 12 hours to make, but it doen’t take you 12 hours to make. This is a throw it in, in the morning and pick up your ready made food at dinner time recipe. And there are a lot of options for different variations off of this one dish. I’m just going to do my favorite.

What you will need

The Meat Part
1 Package of McCormick Slow Cookers Pot Roast
1 Package of McCormicks Au Jus Powdered Mix
Both of those should be right next to each other in the spices or baking aisle
1 1.5-2lb Beef Roast – London broil, round bottom roast, you take your pick. I typically use whatever is available and on sale that week.
2 large Coke’s no ice, from McDonalds.
1 Large Crock Pot

The Taco Part
Enough minute rice for the number of people you are serving
Taco or Burrito Shells
Queso, got to have queso
Anything else you will want for Tacos

How to make it

  1. Yes, before you ask, you are seriously going to add Coke in with the meat. No, I have not lost my good senses. Making the meat part is very simple.
  2. You are going to throw you giant hunk o’meat (this is a technical sciency term) into the crock pot.
  3. Next take your Pot Roast mix and stir it into 1 cup of water. Dump this over your roast. You will notice that this does not submerge your roast. This is a problem if you don’t want it ending up dry and flavorless.
  4. So start pouring in the Coke until it is submerged. It doesn’t need to be 6 feet under, just enough to slightly cover the top of the roast.
  5. Set your crockpot to low. And leave it. Don’t touch it for the next 12 hours.
  6. Over the next 12 hours consider doing things like, going to work, taking care of kids, reading and commenting on all of my blog posts up to this point, binging a season of your favorite television show.
  7. When the 12 hours are up (in actuality it only really takes about 8 hrs, but the added four do give more flavor) open the crock pot. You will then need to pull out the lump o’meat. Be careful as it will try to fall apart on you. Start using a pair of forks to rip the meat into smaller segments.
Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Recipe - Add a Pinch
Om nom nom nom

8. You currently have one unused meat ingredient. That is the Au Jus packet. Sprinkle this powder over the pulled meat. Then chuck it all back in the crock pot.

Not at this point. You are done with the meat portion of the dish. If you want you can add potatoes and carrots for a pot roast. You can eat it by itself. You can throw this on sandwiches with provolone, peppers and onions to make your own, at home, Philly steak and cheese. That is the beauty of this meal. And it is just as good reheated as fresh. For those still wanting to make taco’s with this, here is some really easy throw together stuff.

Normally I use soft shell flour tacos, add in rice for the base, throw the meat over that with shredded cheddar, then add to it white queso and cilantro for spice. But they are your taco’s if you want the guac, all of the guac, you throw it on. Chimichuri, pico, salsa verde your cup of tea, add it in. That is my favorite thing about taco’s, for relatively no added work, you can make a simple build your own taco buffet, with 12 Hour Tacos at its core. And you will look so classy saying “Yes, yes I did slow cook the beef for this for 12 hours straight. I’m glad you liked it.”

Let me know what your favorite taco toppings are in the comments. And join us back here every Monday for new recipes.

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