Jason’s Top 5 Business Books

#1 – The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur, then Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth is the number one place to start. The #1 topic of the book is The book talks about a lot of points that have helped me personally with Books & Brews and multiple other ventures I’ve done. Some of the concepts that I didn’t initially agreed with ended up playing out well after I read the book.

#2 – The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck has made himself into one of the go-to gurus of social media for the 21st century, building a massive e-commerce wine business and a marketing company that brings in hundreds of millions. However, his book The Thank You Economy is one of his first books and one most overlook: it’s all about building your business on the person-by-person scale of genuine appreciate and gratitude.

#3 – Influence by Robert Cialdini

Influence by Robert Cialdini is one of the most important reads you can make if you plan to go into business or sales. The reason this book stands above most business books is because it’s backed by research and practical applications. If you’re like me and avoid books based strictly on philosophy without any real business knowledge, this is a book that holds universal truths that can apply to almost any profession or relationship.

#4 – Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Radical Candor by Kim Scott is a book that speaks to me on a very personal level. I grew up thinking either you told the truth or you’re a liar. Kim Scott sums up the importance of Radical Candor in the workplace as caring personally + challenging directly. She gives her case on why the lack of one of the two is a major problem and gives examples and stories from her experience to back up her case.

#5 – Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson

I’ve only recently come across Russell Brunson and his website Click Funnels. His first book, Dot Com Secrets, is a great place to start for anyone looking to sell anything online. Unlike a lot of business books out there, Russell is VERY detailed in the formulaic structure in how to hook customers, tell your story, and make offers that are irresistible.

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