Jason’s Top 5: Favorite Sci-Fi Movies of All-Time

#1 – The Fifth Element

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Where do I start? The ridiculous dialogue? The over the top costumes? The phenomenal story-telling and over-imagined futuristic world. The Fifth Element stands alone with minimal influence from it’s sci-fi predecessors. I can watch this movie over and over even today.

#2 – 12 Monkeys

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I really want to not like Brad Pitt but dangit if he doesn’t make great movies. This might be one of my favorite performances of his of all time and Bruce Willis is once again incredibly awesome as the time-traveling stranger trying to undo a global pandemic.

#3 – Snowpiercer

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Snowpiercer blew my mind! What starts out as a dark and hard-to-follow flick without much information to know what the heck is going on, this film quickly turns into action-filled shenanigans in graphic-novel-style fashion.

#4 – The Matrix

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Say what you want about The Matrix, this movie was shockingly groundbreaking for it’s time. The first time Trinity did the jump-freeze-time-kick-to-the-face-while-the-camera-spins-a-180 I almost fell out of my chair in the movie theatre. It changed how movies were made and extremely exciting at the time it came out.

#5 – Galaxy Quest

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This is the greatest movie that most people don’t know about. It’s hysterical, heartfelt fun that’s hard to find in a PG movie. Alan Rickman and Tony Shaloub have me rolling with laughter every time I get a chance to watch this one. If you haven’t seen any movies on this list then start here!

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