I am laughing so hard at number 5

Some took a pic of this dog from behind, and a bunch of other people went crazy with Photoshop.  Some are hilarious, and I won’t be able to forget some of them.  Check out the full article on Bored Panda.  Link at the bottom.

Someone Snaps A Photo Of An Absolute Unit Of A Dog, 16 Twitter Users Photoshop And Draw It In A Hilarious Way


Twitter is a magical place where you can find all sorts of unexpected things, and that includes dogs that look like ripped bodybuilders, as well. And the internet loves animals that look like absolute units! Recently, one such photo posted by Twitter user LLsize_11 went viral, and for a good reason. In it, you can see an absolute unit of a dog, turned away from the camera, looking like he’s just entered the gym and is about to lift some heavy weights and post some photos of him flexing his biceps on Instagram.

Naturally, people on Twitter were amazed by the dog’s muscular physique and kept themselves busy photoshopping and drawing this sporty canine. Scroll down below to see what the people of Twitter had to offer and vote for the creations you liked the most!



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