Batman: The Long Halloween Animated Movie Confirmed

On the heels of the latest live action Batman trailer, comic fans can rejoice in some other Batman movie related news.

Announced by Matt Bomer during a Superman panel, Batman: The Long Halloween is being adapted into a two-part animated movie set to come out also in 2021. No exact dates are available, but it is believe to be out by this summer. This is months before the live action movie inspired by the same comic book series.

The Long Halloween was originally released by DC in 1996. The series ran for 13 issues, and it told the story of Bruce Wayne’s earliest years as Batman working as a vigilante alongside Harvey Dent. This was long before Harvey’s transformation into the iconic Batman villain Two-Face.

The Long Halloween story was set as a direct sequel to Frank Miller’s legendary Batman: Year One story. It is a noir Batman tale that focuses on the great detective work of Batman rather than his superhero antics.

Let’s hope this animated Batman is better received than the disappointing Killing Joke that came out in 2016. When it came out, it received mixed reviews from critics because of questionable changes to the source material.

Changes will most likely be made to the source material for The Long Halloween, but we will not fully know until it hits shelves next summer.

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