The Batman: What you might have missed

Have you watched the latest trailer for The Batman set to come out in October of 2021?

Check out some of the things we found you might have missed.

We get another look at the new Batsuit suit, and this time in action. The suit seems more like riot gear that he has converted. And it is even highlighted in his tactical boots.

The director has stated that this film is more like the second year of The Batman as an active crime fighter. Hits why the less tech and more gear.

This is the Riddler. Gone is the bright green costume covered in question marks. It is a new take on the character. Especially since it looks like he might also see himself as a vigilante rather than a criminal.

The movie is loosely based on the comic “The Long Halloween”, but this owl might be hinting at the comics underground secret group know as the Court of Owls. Maybe they will make an appearance in a sequel.

We get our first look at the BatCave. It is not as advanced as other caves from the past, hunting at an inexperienced Batman.

From the way the trailer was cut, we believe that the entrance to the cave is accessed through a cemetery. Maybe where his parents rest.

We see Catwoman robbing a mansion in the trailer. By the looks, she also has a simple suit. Look like this movie is taking a more down to earth approach.

We even get some footage of Batman and Catwoman fighting.

Finally, we get a great look at the Batmobile. Like many other pieces in the movie, it looks like a regular car that was modified. It is not some experimental vehicle or something build from scratch. There is vulnerability to the design.

If there is anything else we missed, let us know in the comments.

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