Dune Trailer Breakdown

This movie looks amazing! Some scenes seem faithful to the book while others look like a reference to the previous movie attempt.


Most of the shot in the trailer seem to be from the first half of the book.
Lady Jessica, who will most likely be the protagonist for the first part of the movie before it switches to her son.
No word yet, but this shot is believed to be a vision of the future to come in the Dune story.
Great shot of the sand worms coming out of the sand.
Even better shot of the sand worms.
Is Dave Bautista in everything?
Nice update to this “test” scene compared to the 1984 movie.
Looks like Josh Brolin getting ready to fight.
Jason Momoa living it up.
Zendaya does not appear a lot in the trailer, but is expected to show up a lot more in the second half.
Does this remind anyone else of Star Wars?

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