Send Them To Space

It seems to be true that the next movie in the Fast & Furious series will be sending the main characters into space. This was confirmed by actress Michelle Rodriguez responding to rumors about the plot. No word if she is joking, but the space plot seems to be real.

Here are some other franchise sequels that out of nowhere sent their cast to space.

James Bond

In 1979, spy James Bond was sent to space in the classic Moonraker. It was the 11th film in the series, and was followed up with some of its most profitable film yet.


Airplane II: The Sequel went above and beyond it’s original disaster parody by heading to outer space. It is as funny as the original. You even get William Shatner on a moon base.


Jason X is a classic for all of the wrong reasons. It is not good. It is poorly acted. But it is an amazing watch if you want to make fun of a campy film. On the plus side, it does have one of the best kills in any Jason movie.

*cough* liquid nitrogen *cough*

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