Nick Fury Series Coming To Disney Plus

Samuel L. Jackson is set to get his own Disney+ series as Marvel’s Nick Fury. With the character first showing up as a after credits treat in 2008s Iron Man, this will be the first starting roll for the agent of SHIELD.

There is no word on who else is set to appear in the series or the story line. Fans are speculating that his space based escapades will continue, but there is always a possibility they will focus more on SHIELD than SWORD (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) Comic fans get it 🤪.

A SWORD movie has been highly rumored for years. A deeper exploration of space might be the next step for the earth based hero.

This is just one of the many announcements coming from Marvel and Disney. This news is a positive after hearing Black Widow and other films have been pushed back to 2021 and beyond. Expect to see WandaVision later this year though.

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