Monet Paintings

The Art Institute of Chicago is currently having exhibition of works by Claude Monet. To find out more and to purchase tickets, click on the provided link.

Otherwise, if you are unable to visit Chicago before the end of the show, here are some of my favorite Claude Monet works. Some works you may not be familiar with, but here are just a few from his large catalogue.

This painting is titled “Impression, Sunrise”. It was painted in 1872, and is one of the influential work that gave name to a movement Impressionism. It was done in Monet’s hometown, the port city of Le Havre.

When asked what he called the piece, he didn’t feel that calling it a “view” because it wasn’t an detailed representation of the city. He called it an “impression”. The intention was to convey the idea of his home city and not its specific elements.

Being one of the fathers of Impressionism, it is a little shocking to se this Monet piece in a realistic style. This is “The Woman in the Green Dress” which featured is first wife Camille Doncieux.

This was one of the first works of art that brought attention to the struggling painters early career. Painted in 1866, it is fascinating to see the darks turn to paintings of light in just 6 short years.

“Arrival of the Normandy Train” is the largest painting Monet completed of Gare Saint-Lazare, the Paris railway station.

The billowing clouds of smoke and steam disappear into the ceiling with simple, yet aggressive brush strokes. At the time, the thick industrial smog in Paris was of widespread concern. The impressionist technique of quick brush strokes helps to create the foggy atmosphere. The focus on the smog is considered a commentary on modern technology and the worry of its place in society.

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