What Happened To The Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer?

Recently, WB has taken the trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut off of all of their social media. It is still easy to find out there, but no specific reason as to why WB is hiding if from their own social media.

HBO Max recently posted this on Twitter as an explanation.

Marketing wise, it does not seem like a smart move. That is one of the reasons why it is so mysterious. It is set to come out in 2021, but is it now coming out at the end of 2021?

The trailer did display a logo for Warner Brothers potential stream development partnership with HBO Max, but because of company rearranging, Warner Max is no longer a thing. A new streaming department is now being developed at Warner.

Turns out the real answer might be simpler. Snyder cut the trailer recently using images from the film and a song… owned by Sony.

Music rights get videos tagged and taken off social media all the time, and this happens to be the case. No word if they paid for the rights, or did not pay enough for the right. All we know it was flagged for copyright and taken down.

A new trailer will be up soon.

Are you excited to see the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut in early 2021?

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