5 Among Us Imposter Tips

1. When faking a task, make sure it is real.

In the Reactor, there is a panel that looks like a standard task panel. If you fake a task here, you just gave away your identity. Be familiar with the task that can and Connor be completed.

2. Kill cleared players.

Not being able to fake certain visual tasks is a risk to the imposter. When a Crewmate completes these visual task in front of others, they are 100% not the imposter. Take note of these players and hunt them down.

3. Don’t upload to soon.

This panel in admin is the last segment in a 2 part task. If you or see anyone run to do a task at this panel the start of the game, you immediately know who the imposter is.

4. Clear crewmates… kind of.

When you see a crewmate complete a visual task, clear them in the meeting. This will prompt most people to protect the imposter as well. The more trusted you are, the easier it is to hunt them down later.

5. If not… then…

If 2 people are arguing over who the imposter is, and you know neither is… well! Have everyone vote for one, and then have everyone vote for the other the next round. If people speak up to much, it instantly makes them suspicious.

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