Top 5 The Kids in the Hall Recurring Characters

The Kids in the Hall is coming back to TV thanks to Amazon and original producer Lorne Michaels. The eight-episode will reunite Dave Foley, Bruce McCullouch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson.

To celebrate, let’s look back on some of the shows most memorable recurring characters we hope they bring back.

5. Buddy Cole

Most of the appearances of the larger than life creation were as long form monologues from atop a bar stool. Buddy Cole would tell stories about his life and opinions. He was a very memorable character is a cast of characters.

His posh attitude showed that Buddy was never afraid to take on a subject that would be to scary for others. Buddy was fearless and fierce.

4. Sir Simon Milligan & Hecubus

Sir Simon didn’t seem to have what it took to be truly evil, but he did his best to embrace the darkness that was within him. His take on evil seemed to focus more on his rude behavior and underlying goofy nature.

Simon had the help of a sidekick. Hecubus was a mischievous character who often enhanced his own evil with jokes and pranks. Even though Simon was supposed to be leading the show, it often seemed like Hecubus might actually be the one in charge.

3. Cathy And Kathie

Keeping up with the Monty Python tradition, the Kids In The Hall often portrayed their show’s female characters. Two of the best were Cathy And Kathie.

They were very simple sketches that often satire office life and the lives of single working women. Each was filled with great conversation, wordplay, and banter. It especially got funny when the temp Tanya would make an appearance in their cubical lives.

2. Jerry Sizzler and His Sister, Jerry Sizzler

Kevin and Dave appear on this list again to show us paranoid schizophrenia can be fun. Jerry and Jerry are definitely lounge singers and not two clearly insane people wearing stolen wigs and riding stolen donkeys.

They did not appear in many sketches because they were mostly one trick ponies, but their appearances were always a welcome sight.

1. Chicken Lady

Maybe the most absurd character from the show to date, the Chicken Lady was disturbing, disgusting, and hilarious at the same time. Part-woman and part-chicken, she conveyed her dual nature both a vocal and physical performance. Everyone around her felt uncomfortable, mostly because of her not so subtle way of flirting.

One of the most iconic moments is when the show explored her origins in a comedic classic that no one was really asking for.

There are so many iconic characters we left out. Name some of your favorites, and we might just have to update our list.

Find out more about the reboot at the link below.–odsCwabjePcKG_fBia_J86FCOaS0grcG7vvmTA

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