Unscripted Moments in Harry Potter Movies

The Harry Potter films are obviously based on the books, and some scenes from the books sadly were left on the cutting room floor for timing. This did not stop the actors from using their creativity to enhance a scene or 2.

Check out these improvised and creative moments from the actors that were not in the script.

Do you remember this frequent creepy tongue flick from Barty Crouch Jr? It was a clue that reviled Moody’s true love identity in the film. It was also 100% improvised by the actor.

In the scene in which Arthur is asking Harry questions about the muggle world, he kept coming up with different question to get laughs from the other actors. They filmed take after take, and the one they all loved was when Arthur question the function of a rubber duck.

Supposedly it was the last take for the scene, and they kept it in the film.

Actors sometimes forget their lines. That was the case when Lucius was set to curse Harry. He quickly improvised with the worse curse he could think of. Good thing Dobby was there to stop him.

The Hermione actress was a little embarrassed to hug her fellow costars on set in front of so many other people. She went ahead and hugged Harry, but opted to give Ron a handshake. A nervous acting decision was a great way of placing Ron in the friend zone.

“I didn’t know you could read.”

When Harry disguises himself as Goyle, he forgets to take off his glasses. Draco notices something is off and questions the accessory. Harry quickly mentioned they were for reading followed by a impromptu line said by Draco.

It was not in the script, and it was a nice interjection of humor.

If you were Luna, how would you dance? Luckily the actress thought ahead and came up with her own crazy dance to do and teach the others around her.

Harry was known to do a little bit of improvising himself. In the scene in which Lucius sarcastically says that he hope Harry can save the day, Harry hit them with the improved lone, “Don’t worry. I will be.”

Draco is at it again. In the point ceremony scene, when the crowd stands and claps for Gryffindor, Crabbe stand up to applauded well. This was a mistake.

When Crabbe starts to stand, Draco quickly grabbed his shirt to pull him back down in hopes of not ruining the scene. Little did he know, his action helped make the scene a little more special.

The Lucius actor always had ideas about the actions of his character. The problem is he didn’t always tell everyone. In the above scene, he randomly threw a kick out of nowhere.

The director was concerned and confused, and asked what the random kick was all about. Lucius assumed that everyone around him knew he was kicking Dobby. They loved it so much, they kept it in the film.

Did you know this hug was not in the script? Out of 20 takes, actor Ralph Fiennes decided to offer a hug out of nowhere. The editor thought it upped the tension of the scene, so they kept it in.

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