4 Superman Villains We Want In The Next Movie

With the next Superman movie set to come out sometime in the near future, we can only speculate about what villain he will go up against. There are so many iconic photos that have yet to show up on the big screen. We have seen Lex Luthor, General Zod, and others, but it’s time one of these villains gets the chance.

If there’s one you feel we missed, leave a comment. We might just have to make a part two.


Metallo is usually depicted as a cyborg with a kryptonite power source in his heart, which he uses as a weapon against Superman. What can be worse than a foe that is powered by your biggest weakness?


Bizarro has been a character of equal parts humor and confusion. The imperfect duplicate of Superman, the chalk faced hero lives on the cube-shaped world of Bizarro where everything is the opposite of life on Earth. Beauty is hated, ugliness is revered, and it is a crime to make anything perfect.

It might be interesting to explore this foes world, but also be a formidable villain for our hero.

Cyborg Superman

Introduced as a possible replacement for Superman, the Cyborg Superman has emerged as one of the Man of Steel’s deadliest foes. Because of an accident, he is virtually immortal.

All Cyborg Superman wants is to be allowed to die. If he can’t die, then he’s going to make sure that a lot of innocent people do in his place.


Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor may be the smartest criminal mind on Earth, but his intellect is not match for the alien artificial intelligence known as Brainiac.

Brainiac’s artificial mind and body have morphed several times over the decades, but his unquenchable thirst for absolute knowledge, regardless of the billions of innocent lives which might be destroyed in the process, has made him one of the deadliest villains the universe has ever seen.

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