News and Reviews- Right Up Your Ally

Hello everyone and welcome back to News and Reviews! Today’s recommendation is all about an amazingly fun video game for the Nintendo Switch. That video game is none other than Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Best described as if chess were more violent with some light flirting in between (by youtuber Brian David Gilbert on the... Continue Reading →

News and Reviews- Right Up Your Ally

Welcome to my very first News and Reviews article where I get to talk about, and recommend, some of my favorite things in the world to the awesome books and brews community! It’s all about the books, movies, video games, and tv shows I think all of you might enjoy. I’m going to start this... Continue Reading →

Video Games to Keep an Eye On

While I particularly love a good role-playing game I've also been known to enjoy horror and thrillers, and with E3 showing us some absolutely amazing trailers and gameplay footage, I've decided to compile a list for everybody on what games I think you should keep your eye on.

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