Things I’ve Learned In 2018

Ohai, friend! I'm Faren. You might know me. I'm a nerd. I have 2 cats, Cat Murdock and Jasper. I turned 30 this year (vomit). I have weird hair. Paramore's my favorite band. I work at this neato place called Books & Brews. If I could have coffee coursing through my veins, I'd do it... Continue Reading →

Who Am I & What Am I Doing Here?

I want to use this space to talk about poetry, literature, art, and everything else that I love. You will soon discover there is quite a bit of overlap in these areas. 😀 Every once in awhile, a fairly "heavy" subject may come up, but I want to provide a safe, dignified, compassionate, and humorous... Continue Reading →

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