Monopoly Gets A Little More Villainous

You have to be pretty ruthless if you want to win at Monopoly, but Hasbro is helping us become our most evil selves with their latest release. Get ready for the devious Monopoly “Disney villains” edition. Rather than acquiring and selling real estate, players of this game must buy other villains' contracts to build a... Continue Reading →

Pretzels And Peanuts

The Hershey Company announced Tuesday a new addition to its Reese's product lineup. Very soon at a store near you, pick up some Reese's Big Cups with pretzels. The mix of sweet and salty has been a classic flavor combination for years, and this is the latest adventure for Hershey’s. "Let's face it, we're all... Continue Reading →

Baby Yoda 1000 Piece LEGO Set

LEGO reveals its latest construction set featuring the beloved character from the The Mandalorian series. The Child The Baby Yoda construction set is inspired by the pint sized powerhouse Star Wars character known as the Child. The building set will be available for purchase on October 30th, with pre-orders starting yesterday as part of the... Continue Reading →

Goodfellas and more Turn 30

Sorry Godfather. I agree with Roger Ebert when he said, “No finer film has ever been made about organized crime.” in reference to the Martin Scorsese classic Goodfellas. Originally perceived to be a documentary, Goodfellas changed the pacing and cinematography for movies that followed. 30 years ago this week, we were introduced to Henry Hill.... Continue Reading →

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