Challah Bread

The first time I had Challah Bread was back in 2003. It was the start of my second year of college at IU, and I took a job at the nearby cafeteria named McNutt. It was a simple coffee and sandwich shop with a campus convenient store. One of the many meal options at McNutt... Continue Reading →

Send Them To Space

It seems to be true that the next movie in the Fast & Furious series will be sending the main characters into space. This was confirmed by actress Michelle Rodriguez responding to rumors about the plot. No word if she is joking, but the space plot seems to be real. Here are some other franchise... Continue Reading →

5,544 Piece Harry Potter LEGO Set

You heard me. LEGO is set to release another Harry Potter set , but this time they will be featuring the famous Diagon Alley. This set will be the fourth-largest LEGO set ever released. It will measure more than 3 feet long when fully built. Each building is filled with amazing detail. Check out the... Continue Reading →

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