Clueless: The Tv Show Reboot

Clueless already had a TV adaptation already, but it seems to be happening again. This time, the show will focus on Cher’s friend Donnie. Donnie was originally played by Stacy Dash. The show has been in the works since 2019, and now it is set to come out on the new Peacock Network. It has... Continue Reading →


Have you ever cooked something weird in a waffle maker? I have personally made a panini sandwich, shredded potatoes, and cinnamon rolls. The one thing I never cooked in a waffle maker was cake, but I now might have to try. Thanks to the people at Kellogg, we have a quick and easy option coming... Continue Reading →

Pickled Sweet Banana Peppers

The other day, I stopped by a local farmers market expecting to pick up some Indiana grown sweet corn. I did not expect to see so much other delicious produce that I had to get. One of the first things that caught my eye was a pile of Sweet Banana Peppers. They are easily one... Continue Reading →

Beam me up David

David Tennant has played the iconic 10th Doctor in the show Doctor Who, he was Barry Crouch Jr in the Harry Potter series, and he was also the villain Kilgrave in the Marvel series Jessica Jones. Now he is showing interest in joining another iconic tv and movie franchise. The Scottish actor recently stated he... Continue Reading →

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