Slightly Disturbing Food

Totally Gourmet is a dedicated page devoted to weird and interesting pictures of food. Sometimes the food is planned, and sometimes it is a gourmet accident. This goes beyond using salt instead of sugar. Some of these images will be stuck in your head for days. Check out some of the weirdest and most mesmerizing... Continue Reading →

Challah Bread

The first time I had Challah Bread was back in 2003. It was the start of my second year of college at IU, and I took a job at the nearby cafeteria named McNutt. It was a simple coffee and sandwich shop with a campus convenient store. One of the many meal options at McNutt... Continue Reading →

Pickled Sweet Banana Peppers

The other day, I stopped by a local farmers market expecting to pick up some Indiana grown sweet corn. I did not expect to see so much other delicious produce that I had to get. One of the first things that caught my eye was a pile of Sweet Banana Peppers. They are easily one... Continue Reading →

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